Turning Customer Complaints Into Gold

Customer complaints…raise your hands if you like them? As expected, no hand is raised.

Stressful and expensive are some of the common thoughts that we have about them.

However, I’d like to say that customer complaints are AWESOME and here’s why.

Yes, an unhappy customer is not a great thing to have, but a complaint is a customer that is engaged with your company at some level which means that you have an opportunity to gather direct feedback on what you can do better, discover a new consumer need, and take a deeper look at how you are currently engaging with your customers.

If you solicit surveys, take a look at your response rate and compare that to your customer complaint ratio. It would be a safe bet that your compliant ratio is greater than your survey response rate.

The data and feedback has tremendous value. It is not just about what can you do to reduce the complaints, but what new value can you provide your customers.

Turning complaints into gold:

  1. Embrace Complaints
  2. Dive deeper in understanding your customers
  3. Define and implement an engagement strategy
  4. Create new benefits that will better serve your customers
  5. Build a retention program that encompasses your engagement strategy and new benefit offerings

Complaints is an awesome avenue for collecting ideas and insights on what new benefits you can create, which in return drives retention and increased customer lifetime value.

This will ultimately set you apart in the marketplace. Hands down, great customer service is a huge competitive advantage and customer service goes beyond solving a customer’s issue over the phone.

More to come….

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