Turning Customer Complaints Into Gold – Conclusion

Conclusion to the Turning Customer Complaints Into Gold series.

A brief outline of the topics that are part of this series:

  1. Embrace Complaints
  2. Dive deeper in understanding your customers
  3. Define and implement an engagement strategy
  4. Create new benefits that will better serve your customers
  5. Build a retention program that encompasses your engagement strategy and new benefit offerings

As we conclude this series, #4 and #5 will be covered since they tie it all together.

To recap, we covered how embracing complaints provides you the avenue to gain a deeper understanding of your customers and help provide a framework for your engagement strategy.

By having a deeper understanding of your customers, you will also have the data needed to define what new products/services you could offer to them to make your customers stickier and more profitable.

Your retention program and strategy will encompass all of these points and you will see as your customers begin to respond positively, the momentum will build faster and faster thus creating a tipping point in the reduction of your churn rate and increased lifetime value of your customers.

Below is a simple view of the transformation of your complaints into gold.

Turning Complaints Into Gold

This by no means is an easy task to undertake. It begins with changing the mindset about in coming complaints and implementing small incremental changes as you go.

There are many different tools and methods out there for data analytics and for capturing customer satisfaction such as Net Promotor Score.

My recommendation to all of my clients is to start small and simple to build a solid foundation. From there, you can increase complexity as you scale up.

I hope you found this series helpful in some manner. Again, it was meant as a high level guide as each topic area can be its own in-depth series.

Thank you for joining me on this series, now it’s time for you to turn your complaints into gold!


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