Home Services Industry Needs Help with Customer Insights

The Home Services industry is not only adopting technology to perform the jobs better, but also to start engaging the customers differently.

However, the ecosystem is becoming a mix-match of solutions that is creating app fatigue from the Techs and the Customers on which one to use for which purpose (billing, viewing the job, scheduling, etc…).

This disparate approach is also creating a HUGE inability to gain a true 360 view of customers and their homes.

Not one Home Services company (large or small) is able to effectively and efficiently answer the below example:

“How many customers that live in a 3,000 sqft home that have 2 AC systems that are between 10 yrs old and 12 yrs old have opted for a repair vs a new replacement?”

AND to expand on the above question..

“How many of those homes are predicted to have equipment failure in the next 3 months?”

Having data is one thing…being able to pull it all together to give you a story and full profile of each customer and their home is what will take the Home Services industry to the next level of providing valuable service to customers!

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