PART II – Home Services & Customer Insights

Following up on our previous blog on how the Home Services Industry needs help with customer insights ( ) we will discuss some tips on getting this data.

Let’s face it, your customers depend on you, yet they only think of you when something breaks and you are not top-of-mind. It’s the nature of the industry.

But how can you build a different type of relationship with your customers, improve your marketing with more timely and relevant messaging, and make more money doing it?

You need to consolidate your data, segment your customers, build and execute on different strategies per segment, and so on and so on.

Below are some high level tips to help you think through customer strategy.

Tip #1 – Understand your current sources of data

Your sources of data is not just limited to your CRM or Billing system, especially if you are active on social media and utilize online reviews.

Also, all of the different technology tools that you are utilizing for scheduling, performing the work, and so on are sources of data.

TIP #2 – Define a Roadmap for Data Consolidation

Understand your current technologies’ backend capabilities and limitations so that you can build out a roadmap that defines what the ultimate solution will be and how you’ll get there.

TIP #3 – Acquire Data Analysis Skillset

Having a data analyst on your team is crucial as they will be the ones defining and building the different scenarios that you want to know about your customers and their homes.

This is not just someone who knows how to run queries, it is someone (or team depending on the size of your business) that is able to dive into the data and extract valuable AND actionable insights.

TIP #4 – Don’t Drown in data

Start small. Too many times, companies are running every type of query possible where they end up unable to take any sort of action because they are spending an enormous amount of time analyzing the data they just got.

Start with a wide net to set a benchmark…wide, but more insightful than what you currently have.

From there, you can begin to build out different criteria or scenarios to take it a level deeper.

This is a continuous process and will become the “how you do business”.

TIP #5 – Take Action!!!

No matter where you start, the key is to take the first step. DO NOT…I repeat…DO NOT try to get the insights perfect. You never will as things are always changing.

The key is to get to a starting level of understanding and then execute a marketing campaign or the building of a new product/service, etc…

We’ve seen it often where leaders want so many different views of the data and meeting after meeting before they decide to act. The issue…whatever they wanted to execute will be too late and most likely irrelevant at time of launch.


Consolidate…Learn…Act…Learn Again…Act…Repeat


If you would like to learn more about how PSM Advisor is helping clients with customer insights and strategy, please Reach Out to us and we’ll be happy to have a conversation with you.

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