A Solar Energy company has reached their peak with generating quality leads and their close rate was capped as well.

They have a solid sales team and do very well with managing their Top of Funnel and Middle of Funnel for qualifying leads.

Senior executives were looking at how can they improve their effectiveness and get past their plateau.


There were a few factors that we were able to identify for them that were preventing them from growing:

  1. Unable to scale up their follow-up process with prospects
  2. Their marketing efforts were casting a wide net


We first worked with them to define their ideal customer profile. This was key in ensuring that their pipeline health was reinforced with customers who would be profitable and would be the right people for their solar solution.

From there we looked at their marketing channels and evaluated their effectiveness with opportunity generation and the impact to their Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).


We not only defined their marketing strategy, but we also implemented the solution and are continuing to manage their marketing efforts.

We implemented the following:

  1. Digital Marketing that uses contextual targeting, our geofencing capabilities, and Facebook ads
  2. Sales Automation that automates the follow ups, appointment setting, and Top-to-Middle Funnel lead qualification


Our comprehensive solution narrowed their focus on who to go after and allowed them to scale up their funnel management. They are realizing the following results:

  1. Reduced marketing waste by 20%
  2. Doubled their conversion % from 5% to 10%
  3. Their pipeline health has transformed from volume driven to quality driven and their sales team is more effective with their closing conversations