An Oil Field Services company was having issues with their current manual work order process to properly document and assign equipment to be repaired.

Due to the manual process, they were entering the same information 3 (three times)…

  1. Handwritten on a paper form
  2. Excel spreadsheet
  3. CRM/Billing system


This administrative task was not only laborious and inefficient, but also ineffective as there were many data errors that required correction long after the job was complete.

They had hired a junior technician to focus on logging new service & repair requests when the equipment came in and the technician would also perform service & repairs as his bandwidth allowed and customer timelines dictated; however, his priority was to log data.

They also had a virus impact their network which deleted all of their work orders. They had to manually re-enter 4 (four) months of work orders in both their excel spreadsheet and the CRM/Billing system.


In order to ensure that the right-fit solution was not only recommended, but also implemented, we conducted a deep dive into their service & repair business from end-to-end.

The challenge was to create a new process that was easy to learn and would resolve the issues without being costly.

After the mapping of the process, critical path items and gaps/redundancies were identified with the appropriate gap-solution documented.


A solution workbook was developed that had the new process fully documented and designed along with automation/digital tools recommended.


The company was able to use the workbook to vet out their options. The company implemented the recommended solution and have achieved the following results:

  1. Data entry is only once and the data flows to the appropriate CRM/Billing system
  2. Junior technician spends the majority of his time performing service & repair tasks on equipment, i.e. revenue generating tasks
  3. Data errors have been reduced by nearly 90%
  4. Digital solution is cloud-based so they are able to recovery from any future virus or network issues without having to manually re-enter information