Background & Challenge

A major Energy Company developed a new energy product that meets the needs of the underbanked and cash-based customer demographic. The challenge was how to market to this customer base since they had different buying decision habits than the Energy Company’s typical customer portfolio.

Approach & Solution

We researched the buying behavior of this particular customer demographic and learned that they were relational buyers, meaning that they only bought from people that they trusted or from people that they were referred to by their family and friends.

As we put the picture together, it became very clear that this group would purchase their energy from certain retailers.

A truly unique sales channel was developed from end-to-end (sales team, enrollment systems, reporting, and customer care procedures) where we developed strategic partnerships with those specific retailers where their employees would become sales agents for the Energy Company and talk to their incoming customers about the new energy product.

Results Achieved

This new retail channel was the only one the market that had retailers sell on the behalf of any energy company. This channel grew from $0 to $25M and continues to grow.

In addition, the enrollment process that we developed was one of a kind in that it streamlined the process and utilized SMS functionality.

The overall channel placed this Energy Company ahead of its competition in this particular space.

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