Background & Challenge

A major Energy Company was having compliance issues with a particular region with respects to sales practices. This particular region had very high sales volumes, yet they also had very high customer complaint issues.

The challenge was that this was a very delicate situation as the impacts were not only internal, but also external.

Approach & Solution

We took a deep dive into the overall sales organization and the internal processes for selling and enrolling customers to understand all of the different cross-functional groups that were involved, such as finance, legal, compliance, and operations.

We broke down the project into different workstreams since there were so many different moving pieces that had different stakeholders and functional inter-relationships.

The overall solution was a redesign of the sales process, which included organizational changes were implemented for the entire sales organization across North America and the different sales channels with a key focus on sales quality and not just sales volume.

The changes also included contractual obligations for the 3rd party sales vendors to adhere to around customer complaints and their overall quality of sales that would impact their compensation.

Results Achieved

The redesign created increased transparency and accountability for the sales group, both internally and externally.

Customer complaints across North America were reduced by 30% in the first year of implementation. Quality became an integral part of the new sales culture.

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