Background & Challenge

A national Home Services company was having issues with the quality of the leads that they were receiving and were not having a high lead-to-booked appointment conversion rate. Their existing process was that they would receive leads via electronically and then the call center agents would do an outbound call to the customer.

The lead generation vendors that they were utilizing were also sending those same leads to other home service providers thus creating a “jump ball” scenario where the company that was able to reach the customer first typically won the job.

Approach & Solution

We analyzed their current lead generation process and realized that when their call center agents did have a customer on the phone, they were pretty successful in booking an appointment.

We then met with each of the lead generation vendors to fully understand how a lead gets generated and what their capabilities were around integrating with their service provider clients.

It was determined that we would try a warm transfer process to see if the conversion ratio would improve…it did.

We implemented a warm-transfer process with the Home Services company to ensure that all of these “live” calls were given priority in the call queue, were properly tracked, and had greater visibility in the quality assurance function.

Results Achieved

The call center spent shifted from working off of outbound lists that had them try at least 3 times to reach a customer to more time focusing on customers who were on the line interested in a service.

This resulted in increased the lead-to-booked appointment conversion ratio by 30% and increased the booked appointment-to-job conversion ratio by 10%.

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