“Asking ‘Why Not’ is what drives the PSM team to deliver innovative solutions that have a positive impact with our clients and their customers.”

Philip J Saweris

Managing Partner

about philip j saweris

Philip J Saweris is a growth-focused executive with more than 20 years of success delivering strategic initiatives for Fortune 200 companies across the Utilities/Retail Energy, Home Services, Environmental Services, Telecommunications, Financial Services, and Oil & Gas industries. Leveraging extensive experience with strategy planning and implementation for consumer-facing companies, he is a valuable resource for companies looking at new ways to tackle their customer growth challenges.

Having a laser focus on the customer, Philip’s broad areas of expertise include end-to-end business development, sales & marketing, system/technology & process implementation, and product development.

Philip has progressively advanced his career with each organization such as Accenture, Waste Management, and Direct Energy, leading teams across North America and India. In 2016, Philip founded PSM Advisor, where where he leads PSM Advisor to deliver best in class End-to-End Business Development initiatives for clients with specific focus on New Sales & Marketing Channel Development, New Product Development, and Customer Growth Strategy (Retention, Loyalty, Acquisition, Success).